*****************PayClix billing update*****************************
Below is an update from North Bosque’s credit card vendor regarding overcharges on some members account on the morning of 1/14/2023.
Should you have any questions please feel free to give our office a call @ 254-848-4668.
Thank you for your patience,
North Bosque Water Supply

To Whom It May Concern,
On the morning of Saturday January 14th, 2023, our automated processing system known as JITAPS experienced an error that was causing payments to be processed well in excess of the actual amount due. As soon as we were alerted to this incident, we immediately stopped payments from processing whilst the error was investigated and a resolution was put in place, so only certain customers were affected.
There were 121 ACH customers that were impacted and 48 Credit Card customers. Please continue below to know how each payment type was affected.
If the customer was using a VISA, MasterCard or Discover branded card, then your customers may see excessive charges in either transaction fee or payments to you. However, please note all of these charges were voided prior to the end of the business day in regards to these transactions with all voids being communicated to the card issuers and any pending funds are in the process of being released back to customers by their banks. This may take longer than normal due to MLK Day on January 16th, however they will be released back to customers as quickly as possible. It is also very possible that due to the high amounts that were attempted, your customers may not see anything other than the correct charge that was re-processed later on in the day as the attempts may have been instantly declined.
If your customer was set up with an eCheck payment, it is likely they may have received an email stating an erroneous charge, however all of the erroneous payments were voided, with the appropriate charges reprocessed against their account, AND only the correct charge will be debited. No customers will be charged the amount that was emailed to them between 6 AM – 8 AM ET on Saturday January 14th.
If any customers have incurred any bank charges due to the erroneous charges, we will be happy to cover them due to this being a system error on our site. If anyone has experienced any issues regarding this, please have them send an email to PayClix Support with the subject line: JITAPS Error – Bank Charge, with supporting documentation showing the charge that was incurred due to this error and we will review it as soon as possible.
I’m sure you will have questions and in the issues of expediency, please respond to this email as we anticipate increased call volume on the phone lines due to this issue that affected some customers and you will receive a faster response via email.
Thank you,

PayClix Support Team
Questions? Contact us!
Email: support@payclix.com
Customer Service Phone: (866)729-2549
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North Bosque Water is aware that some automatic payment members have been charged multiple time overnight for their water bill.  The issue is with our 3rd party vendor’s system, PayClix.  PayClix is aware of the situation and are currently working to reverse the charges on the accounts.
Below is the notice posted on their website.

Dear PayClix Customers,
We are aware of an issue that may have meant your automatic payment ran for more than it should. We are working on resolving this issue and voiding the incorrect payments. We sincerely apologize about the inconvenience and are working on making everything correct. If your automatic payment was an echeck, you will not be debited that amount, you will only be charged the correct amount.
Not everyone has been affected as we were made aware of the issue as it was happening, however if you were affected, please note we are working on a solution and it makes take your bank a few days to release the funds on your account, if your automatic payment was a card payment.
Thank you,



North Bosque Water Supply Corp. is a member-owned, non-profit corporation. The company operates 4 water wells and provides safe drinking water to over 700 members in the area between Speegleville, Crawford, and China Spring, centered on the Crossroads at FM 185 and Highway 6. The rules for the corporation, water rates, and fees are described in its By-laws and Tariff and are approved by the State of Texas.

This site is maintained as a service to members and prospective members and is intended to provide contact information and answers to some of your questions concerning water services in this area.

Watering restrictions and other important notifications will be posted here. The site also provides an on-line payment option for your convenience.

compton-between-towers-rs hwy-6-landscape Baylor-Camp-Landscape-rs

Here are 10 ways to curb your water use while still maintaining a green and vibrant landscape.

  1. Adjust your sprinklers so that they’re watering your lawn and garden, and not the street or sidewalk.
  2. Water early in the morning (before 10a.m) or later in the evening (after 6 p.m.) when temperatures are cooler and evaporation is minimized.
  3. Set it, but don’t forget it! Whether you have a manual or automatic system, be sure to adjust your watering schedules throughout the irrigation season.
  4. Water established lawns about 1 inch per week (a bit more during hot, dry weather). Find out how much to water this week with the Weekly Watering Number.
  5. Inspect your overall irrigation system for leaks, broken lines or blockage in the lines. A well maintained system will save you money, water, and time.
  6. Consider replacing some turf area with low water use plants and ornamental grasses. They are easier to maintain than turf, look beautiful, and require far less water.
  7. Group plants with like watering needs. Creating “watering zones” in your garden will allow you to give each plant the water it requires — not too much or too little.
  8. Add a shut-off nozzle to your garden hose and save about 5-7 gallons each minute your hose is on.
  9. Adjust your mower to a higher setting. A taller lawn provides shade to the roots and helps retain soil moisture, so your lawn requires less water.
  10. Apply the amount of water your soil can absorb. Water thoroughly, but infrequently. If run off or puddling occurs, break longer watering sessions into several short sessions allowing water to soak into the soil between each session.

credit – http://www.conserveh2o.org/outdoor-water-conservation-tips


Pursuant to Chapter 13.2502 of the Texas Water Code, North Bosque Water Supply Corporation hereby gives notice that any person who subdivides land by dividing any lot, tract, or parcel of land, within the service area of North Bosque Water Supply Corporation, Certificate of Convenience and Necessity No. 10023, in McLennan County, into two or more lots or sites for the purpose of sale or development, whether immediate or future, including resubdivision of land for which a plat has been filed or recorded, or requested two or more water or sewer service connections on a single contiguous tract of land, must comply with the Developer, Subdivision, and Non-Standard Service Policy (the “Subdivision Policy”) contained in North Bosque Water Supply Corporation’s Tariff.

North Bosque Water Supply Corporation is not required to extend retail water or sewer utility service to a Service Applicant in a subdivision where the developer of the subdivision has failed to comply with the Subdivision Policy.

Among other requirements, the Subdivision Policy requires:

Applicable elements of the Subdivision Policy, depending on the specific circumstances of the subdivision service may include:

  • Evaluation by North Bosque Water Supply Corporation of the impact a proposed subdivision service extension will make on North Bosque Water Supply
  • Corporation’s water supply system and payment of the costs for this evaluation
  • Payment of fees for reserving water supply capacity
  • Forfeiture of reserved water supply capacity for failure to pay applicable fees
  • Payment of costs of any improvements to North Bosque Water Supply Corporation and dedication by the developer of water facilities within the subdivision following inspection.

North Bosque Water Supply Corporation’s Tariff and a map showing North Bosque Water Supply Corporation’s service area may be reviewed at North Bosque Water Supply Corporation’s offices by contacting NBWSC, P.O. Box 330, Crawford, TX 76638. (254) 848-4668. The tariff policy and service area map also are filed of record at the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality in Austin, Texas and may be reviewed by contacting the TCEQ, c/o Utility Rates and Services [Certification and Rate Design] Section, Water Utilities Division, P.O. box 13087, Austin, Texas 78711.